Peerless Hospital and B K Roy Research Centre is an American Heart Association –International Training Centre (ITC No.: ZZ20896) certified to conduct BLS/ACLS/PALS provider instructor course.

Basic Life Support:
The Basic Life Support (BLS) for Health care providers (HCP) is a one day training program which is performed via video based demonstration and hands on training led by instructors. In this training program, instructors demonstrate the procedure of resuscitating a critically ill patient. This provides basic training in approaching a patient in a state of cardiac arrest both as an individual rescuer as well as part of a BLS team. The provider learns to deliver high quality chest compressions; adequate ventilation and they are also instructed about early and appropriate use of an Automated External Defibrillator. The BLS course also focuses on resuscitating pediatric victims in a state of cardiac arrest; as part of the course providers are trained to recognize and relieve choking both in adult and pediatric victims. Primary audience includes health professionals from various sectors who need to be familiar with the basic concepts of resuscitation so that they can provide basic life support to the patient requiring the same.

Advanced Cardiac Life Support:
The American Heart Association‘s ACLS course is a 2 days program that builds on the ground work established by the BLS training in resuscitation. ACLS encompasses the concept of continued high quality CPR integrated with advanced cardiac care including advanced airway placement; usage of drugs and expedited; safe ; effective use of manual defibrillation and synchronized Cardioversion as required. As part of the ACLS course, providers are familiarized with basic ECG rhythms and their clinical interpretation. Algorithm based approach towards management of brady and tachyarrhythmia’s is emphasized upon along side advanced management of cardiac arrest victims. Emphasis on post cardiac arrest care. Important conditions like Acute Coronary Syndrome and Acute Ischaemic Stroke management is a concise yet comprehensive and unique component of the ACLS course content.

In order to successfully complete both the BLS and ACLS provider course the participants are expected to demonstrate optimal skill competency at all learning stations. They will be required to pass the CPR and AED skill test as part of BLS; and bag-mask ventilation skill and a Megacode test as part of ACLS. A written test is also part of both BLS/ACLS knowledge testing.

Participants are encouraged to go through the provider manuals and cards provided in advance to have more meaningful participation during the course. Through the three days of the programme practice while watching and active hands on participation at the skills station will ensure successful course completion as well as good orientation in the concepts of resuscitation.

Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS):
The PALS provider course is designed to provide participants with the information needed to recognize infants and children at risk for cardiac arrest. It is a 2 days video based; instructor led program designed on the same concept of “practice while watching”. It gives a detailed overview of important causes of pediatric cardiac arrest. The strategies to prevent arrest. It emphasizes on developing a rhythmic approach towards management of a sick child. It helps develop the cognitive and psychomotor skills needed to stabilize a critically ill child and teaches approach towards life threatening situations, such as respiratory failure; shock; and cardiac arrest. Demonstration of optimal skill competency at all learning station; familiarity with algorithm based approach to patient and adequate depth of knowledge in the key concepts is required for successful course completion.

Instructor Course: (BLS/ACLS/PALS)
Providers who have demonstrated a certain depth and breadth of understanding in the concepts and skills, required for successful resuscitation of critically ill adult and pediatric victims are recommended for the AHA instructor course. As an AHA instructor they have the privilege of teaching and training providers in BLS/ACLS/PALS Course

AHA ECC Courses Calendar 2018 – 2019

Eligibility: Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics

BLS / ACLS Provider Course
Sl. No
Start Date
End Date
February (Provider course)
20/ 02/ 18
222/ 02/ 18
March (Provider course)
17 / 03/ 18
19 / 03/ 18
April(Provider course)
23 / 04/ 18
25 / 04/ 18
May (Instructor course)
28/ 05/ 18
May (Provider course)
29 / 05/ 18
31 / 05/ 18
July (Provider course)
12/ 07/ 18
14 / 07/ 18
August (Provider course)
20/ 08/ 18
22/ 08/ 18
September (Provider course)
17 / 09/ 18
19/ 09/ 18
November (Instructor course)
10/ 11/ 18
November (Provider course)
11/ 11/ 18
13/ 11/ 18
December (Provider course)
10/ 12/ 18
12/ 12/ 18
January (Provider course)
17 / 01/ 19
19 / 01/ 19
February (Provider course)
21/ 02/ 19
23/ 02/ 19
PALS Course
Sl. No
Start Date
End Date
May (Instructor course)
03/ 05/ 18
May (Provider course)
04/ 05/ 18
05 / 05/ 18
February (Provider course)
25/ 02/ 19
26/ 02/ 19

Seminar Hall, Peerless Hospital and B. K. Roy Research Centre

Booking for the seats & Course materials can be obtained from the Course Coordinator, Ms. Soma Mitra, (mobile: 8697188718), Department of Emergency Medicine, Peerless Hospital

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(1 + 2 day course 9am-5pm everyday)
COURSE FEE: Rs. 8000.00 (3200 + 4800)

(2 day course 9am-5pm both days)
COURSE FEE: Rs. 6500.00